The last annual autumn moon 100 miles run - LAAM

... also known as the non-aided SUT100.

Leaves are falling all around.
It's time I was on my way.
Thanks to you, I'm much obliged for such a pleasant stay.

But now it's time for me to go.
The autumn moon lights my way.
For now I smell the rain,
and with it pain,
and it's headed my way.

Oh you know, sometimes I grow so tired,
But I know one thing I got to do... Ramble On...

There it is again ... A little Led Zeppelin, Ramble On, to set the stage for the Last Annual Autumn Moon (LAAM), that's been pulled together for the weekend of 22 October.

We're planning a non-supported 100 mile/168K run in the Schoenbuch. The course takes place over a hybrid of the original SUT 100 route.

The 5Ws...

  • Who: This is a private event. You are sure that you are
    1. Capable of finishing on your own
    2. Capable of self-extraction.
  • What: LAAM (Pronounced lame).
  • When: 1700 on Friday night 22nd October 2021. Maximum of 30 hours.
  • Where: Start/Finish at the Sportplatz Parking Lot in Altdorf, Laienstra├če 100, 71155 Altdorf.
  • Why: It's 100 miles; the autumn moon was just full; and you're crazy enough to spend Saturday and Sunday out running in the woods.

Coordinating Instructions

Meet at the Altdorf Sportplatz at 1715 for a bier and quick overview of the run. Bring everything you'll need to survive a 100 mile route that courses over some of the Schoenbuch's most interesting terrain.
We have a list of planned aid stations. However it will mostly likely be in form of one RV following the main group around the course!
That said if we might split up into groups depending on pace it might not be possible to have those available to everyone at anytime, you've been warned! In addition some wells and or water taps might be available here:
Also an rough estimate and info on distances to possible aid stations one could take a look at the results from previous runs on the page.

Route conditions vary with much of the course made up of single track, forest paths and roads. Plan for all weather including COLD and WET night conditions. Bring enough food and filled hydration containers to travel at least 30-40km without re-supply (as noted above it is now very likely that we will get support and possible option to have small gym sack sized drop-bag "Turnbeutel"). Wear and bring bug juice. Ticks still active!

This is a non-supported 100 mile run. The course is not marked. A GPS device, map and compass or both are highly recommended. You will get a copy of the GPS track in the coming days. Bring a headlamp with spare batteries. Although mobile coverage is very spotty in many places in the Schoenbuch, bring a mobile device. German emergency services are available at 112. Bring ~30 Euro to purchase food and drink along the route. Bring a medical face mask to enter shops or Guest Houses, a photographed copy of your COVAX on your phone and your ID. The rest of your packing list is up to you.

Plan for the course to be wet, cold and muddy.
We will talk about self-extracting over a bier at the Sportplatz before we take off.
Like last year, we'll plan to run as a group or groups with the objective of completing 100 miles in less than 30 hours on foot and with very little support.

COVID, injuries and the rest of life got in the way of racing and running this year. It will be good to run this course together on 22 October. Let us know if you care to join in by 17 October. Let's talk if you'd like to invite others. We say that as this is a private, unsanctioned, fun run among friends.

... looking forward to rambling on with you in October. Andre & Andreas

Starters / Results